Winter 2021/22 Newsletter

Excited for the year ahead

Sempervivum online

What have we been doing over winter?


We ended the year with festive markets at both Holt and Creake Abbey, both surprisingly busy and surprisingly cold! It was great to see everyone, but also great to put the heating on full when we got back into the car...


As we dream about spring and warmer weather, we are excited to see what we can get up to this coming year. Some of our plans include...


Firstly, our website will be restocked from mid-march - look out for an email once we're officially up and running!


Secondly, markets resume in April, and we can't wait. We have some new locations lined up too all around north Norfolk.

Dates and times to be confirmed soon.


Thirdly, while we haven't been able to do much gardening outside recently, we have been getting creative inside. Below is a sneak preview of the one of the new pot designs we have been making. Soon to be potted up with our lovely sempervivum.

We will be sure to post a pic online once they are ready 


We look forward to seeing you all again soon, 


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