Sempervivum Growing Guide

A few basic tips to get you started

Are sempervivum and succulents the same?


Sempervivum – also know as 'Hen & Chicks', Semps or Houseleeks are a type of succulent, known for being hardy and resilient to the outdoors. 

There are around 50 species and over 41,000 named cultivars. 

What does 'Sempervivum' mean?


In Latin, Sempervivum means 'Always alive' ; Regardless of drought, deep frosts and poor soil, semps grow easily.


Do sempervivum produce flowers?


As semps are monocarpic, after approx. 2-3 years a rosette will send out a bloom of flowers. This marks the end of the semps life but the surrounding ‘chicks’ will soon fill the void.

How do I look after my sempervivum?


1. Provide them soil with good drainage - they hate soggy bottoms!

2. Give them a spot with lots of sunlight (they will tolerate partial sun)

3. Try not to overwater them

Should I keep sempervivum indoors or outdoors?


Sempervivum are essentially outdoor succulents, but they will happily grow in any sunny position as long as they have good ventilation and good sunlight

A sunny windowsill or conservatory will do just fine. 

How often should I water my succulent?


Take care not to overwater your succulent. Give them a good water, then leave to dry out before watering again. Overwatering may lead to root rot. Using good draining soil can help reduce the risk of root rot. 


Sempervivum are drought-tolerant plants, but require regular watering during the growing season. If the leaves look shrivelled, it is definitely time for a water!

Do sempervivum need full sun?


Sempervivum need plenty of light to show their best colours and also to maintain tight rosettes. These tough plants tolerate and thrive in high temperatures and full sun ….but preferably not at the same time


Like humans they can suffer sunburn too! So extra shade from netting or garden fleece will help them when needed.

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