September 2021 Newsletter

Surprisingly Sunny

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What happened in September?

We started the month as part of Holt Market - the first one which I led by myself! Blessed with great weather it was a successful day and met lots of lovely people. We will also be finishing the month at Holt Market too, with the final market of our season being this Sunday the 3rd October - 10am-3pm.

We look forward to seeing you there!


After the success of last months special offer,

we have decided that it will now run until the New Year!


Get 4 Sempervivum for £15  


To use, enter discount code: 4415 at checkout! 


This month I set to tackle the dreaded task of redesigning the 'roundabout' in the middle of the front garden. Completed over the course of a week, I had help from the whole family - dogs included! Now completed it sits a home for a vast variety of sempervivum, ready for them to blossom next season 

(Check out the 'before' and 'during' photos below)


Happy gardening, 


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